Sunday, June 17, 2012

The gift

Recently, someone I love dearly gave me a very special gift.

Although it took me a bit to realize that it was a gift, now I see that it truly was and I am so very grateful to her for it.

You see, when the situation first presented itself, it felt like my heart would break, like my world would never be the same - or whole - ever again.  But as I sat with what I was feeling, and with great difficulty tried to accept it for what it was, I began to see things in a very different light.  I began to see myself in a different light, as if seeing myself for the very first time.  Some of the things that came up were not easy to deal with, and some of those things will require a lot more work; but having to go through this allowed me to see how much inner strength I actually have, and how resilient my spirit can be.

When I found out why she'd done it - to protect me - and how difficult it had been for her to do, that's when I realized what a truly special gift she had given me.  I felt so very loved; my heart - and my world - once again became whole.

The more I live this life, really live it, in the present, I realize how truly blessed I am and wish everyone could feel this good.

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday

Saturday, June 9, 2012

On my morning walk

The sun on my face...

               The breeze in my hair....

                                The birds chirping away...
And this:



Tell me... how can I not feel blessed?