Saturday, October 27, 2012


How often do we stop to think about all the little (and big) things in our lives that happen for no apparent reason?  Those things we just can't explain that we put down to "coincidence"...

Well, I don't believe in coincidences.  I believe that in one way or another we bring on everything that goes on in our lives.  Now I'm not saying that when something bad happens we're the ones that made it happen.  What I mean is that we have far more control over what happens to us, and the direction our life takes, than we give ourselves credit for. 

A lot of it has to do with our thinking.  Ever heard of the power of positive thinking?  Or the expression thoughts become things?  Although these are commonly bandied about, how often do we actually stop to think about what they might actually mean?  Probably not often enough.

What if we had the power to make our every dream come true?  What if we had the power to heal ourselves?  What if we had the power to be all that we wanted to be?  Then what?  What would we do with that?  Would we do anything or just turn the other way and pretend we didn't know?

I think we are powerful beyond measure... and that can sometimes be a frightening thought.  And maybe because it is so frightening we choose not to look too closely at it or think too deeply about it.  However I know that if we did, if we allowed ourselves to believe in our own power, a lot would change.  I've seen it, I've felt it, and now I try to live it... every day.  Some days, of course, it's easier to believe in my own power than others; but ultimately, even on the difficult days, it's worth the effort. 

So what if, just for today, you thought about one thing you would like to see happen, and believed that it could actually happen?  Try it... see what happens... you may become a believer... just like me.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A being of light

As I watch her feel her way through this journey that is uniquely hers, I stand in awe.

This being - from whom light radiates, shining bright for all those who have lost theirs somewhere along the way - is a true blessing. 

Learning with each new experience, she lets the knowledge fill her to overflowing, spilling out so that others can learn as well.

Her courage carries her, always to new heights, and her humility keeps her grounded, no matter how high she climbs.

Slowly she dances towards her Knowing, and as she does she takes us along with her, teaching us with every step... about life, about love, about kindness and generosity... and we become better people, just by following along with her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Some people long for peace.  They see it as some distant objective, possibly attainable through much hard work and effort, but not really probable.

Some people strive for peace.  They are the ones who do the hard work, diligently, believing that peace is indeed within their grasp.

Then there are those who radiate peace.  These people have a calmness about them, a beauty that shines from within; the warmth of their smile draws you in and near them is where you want to stay.  The goodness in their soul is obvious and, if you listen closely, you can almost hear it calling you to come sit by it and find peace for yourself.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have encountered a person such as this would do well to follow them closely, as it is from them that we will learn what peace truly is and then, heeding the call of their soul, be able to find some peace for ourselves.