Monday, April 25, 2011


In wondering how to start off this new blog of mine, (I have another one, but it's in Spanish), I thought of my sources of inspiration and the first thing that came to mind were the people that surround me... 

People - family, friends, those close and far away, co-workers - they all inspire me.  I am surrounded by the most wonderful souls and for that I feel truly grateful.  They are, indeed, my sources of gratitude as well as my sources of inspiration.  Some of these people I have known my whole life but it is only as I grow older that I have learned to cherish them.  Others are new in my life and they bring such joy.  Some I only know through e-mail, or blogs, or books I've read of theirs, but they are no less inspirational, and just as special.  Yes, it is the wonderful people who surround me that are my greatest sources of inspiration.

Music - classical, latin, inspirational, jazz, instrumental - all create different moods in me and all inspire me.  Lately I've been listening to some awesome music: Melody Gardot, whose voice I adore; Bosques de Mi Mente, whose gentle piano never fails to provoke such exquisite feelings of love and peace in me; Rascal Flatts whose lyrics have a way of heading straight to my heart; Stephan Moccio, whose beautiful piano has the power to carry me away, no matter what mood I'm in; all these and many more serve as my constant inspiration.

Books - here I could go on forever.  So many books have influenced me recently, have inspired me to look deep within, have shown me that my little world is not all there is, and have offered me such comfort.  I find myself on a journey, and with each book I read the journey twists and turns, taking me to places I've never even imagined.  The ones listed on my profile are those that have inspired me the most recently... truly awesome books!

So why have I chosen to tell about my sources of inspiration?  Well, hopefully others will find inspiration in these things as well.  But it's also to pay homage to these awesome sources of inspiration.  Truly, I am blessed :)

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  1. Es una linda iniciativa, Brigitte. Gente como tú es realmente una fuente de inspiración. Espero verte pronto :)