Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the unthinkable

It's been ten years since the unthinkable happened.  I've not wanted to review it, remember it, even think about it... until today.  Today it was necessary.  Today was a day for prayers, for tears, and for closure.  For many people.

Do you remember where you were ten years ago today?  I do. 

I remember thinking, when I heard people ask that about the day John F. Kennedy was killed, what's that like?  Now I know.  I could never understand why it would be important to remember where you were during an event like that.  Now I do.  An event like that changes you.  It steals away part of your innocence.  And not in an immediately noticeable way, either.  Ten years later, however, it is very noticeable.  

They say that 20,000 people were saved on that day... we forget that when all we hear about are the 3,000 that perished.  I'm not saying we should forget those that died; I'm saying it is important to remember the good that was done on that day, not just the bad.

And so on this the tenth anniversary of the day the unthinkable happened, I say we try and look at the ways in which our world has changed for the better; because in many ways, it has.

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