Monday, September 3, 2012

The healing power of friendship

When two people are friends, real friends connecting with their hearts, healing comes naturally.  

There is an amazing energy that swirls around them and surrounds them so that healing can happen spontaneously.  

It is not something that needs to be made to happen, it just does.  

And it does not subtract from either person; it adds to them and grows them, making them stronger and better able to deal with what must be faced.  

Those of us who are wise enough to allow these friendships into our lives will reap the benefits immensely and we will never be the same again.  

It is up to us to see the gift that these relationships carry with them, and to fully embrace their presence in our lives.  

For it is through loving friends that we can truly see ourselves and what needs to be done, and then have the strength and energy to do it.  

With immense gratitude for the wonderful friends who surround me  ♥♥♥

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  1. You are a wise and true friend Miss Brigitte.... of the highest quality in every thread. I have this brand new box of 64 crayons that I'm hoping to use on some of my threads. I haven't ever really shared my crayons before, but I'm wondering if you might like to color with me. I think that the tapestries we are weaving can be so much brighter when you color them new. That's what real friends do.... they share their crayons. Which color would you like to use?