Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sacred Sundays

Sundays can sometimes be difficult days for me.

Oh they start out well enough: a good breakfast lovingly prepared for me by me, classical music wafting through the house, freshly brewed coffee savoured slowly, a good book or a long walk outside.  However, as the day wears on I feel the heaviness of the chores weighing on me, the quiet house gets quieter, and with every passing hour I feel more and more isolated.  If I give into the mood that usually accompanies all of this, I don't accomplish much and end the day feeling anxious.

However on days like today, knowing full well how things can go, if I make up my mind that it will be a good day and not stress about what needs to be done but rather just go with the flow of the day and feel good about it, at the end of the day I feel good about myself and my Sunday feels almost sacred.

That's what happened today.  I woke up feeling good and decided that that would be the prevailing mood of my day; and I knew just what I needed to do to ensure that this would be so.  First I let my creativity loose and took some pictures of the autumn leaves in my yard.  Then, this afternoon I went to visit someone very special, someone who has been in my life forever and who means the world to me.  I knew that sitting with her and feeling her love would do me the world of good.  And indeed it did I left there feeling content and knew the rest of my day would be good.

Life is really what we make it... and Sundays can be sacred if we allow them to be.

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