Thursday, October 18, 2012

A being of light

As I watch her feel her way through this journey that is uniquely hers, I stand in awe.

This being - from whom light radiates, shining bright for all those who have lost theirs somewhere along the way - is a true blessing. 

Learning with each new experience, she lets the knowledge fill her to overflowing, spilling out so that others can learn as well.

Her courage carries her, always to new heights, and her humility keeps her grounded, no matter how high she climbs.

Slowly she dances towards her Knowing, and as she does she takes us along with her, teaching us with every step... about life, about love, about kindness and generosity... and we become better people, just by following along with her.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps because she carries the light of ten thousand other candles with her on her journey? Each candle's flame offering a unique and amazing perspective on walking these paths with a Sacred Knowing, a sense of Peace and the strength and courage to dance along paths that have yet to be stepped upon. Perhaps her learning is a reflection of all of the brave souls who have come before her and those who carry her through the tough spots with compassion and determination because they know that as just one of us is healing and growing, the whole of the Universe is healing and growing as well. Perhaps because she has found the most precious of lights in the soul energy of her Anam Cara who has always been there waiting to grab her hand again. I'm thinking that this being of whom you speak has got to be the most blessed in the Universe.... and she has been touched by the magic of you. That's what I am thinking.