Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angels among us

Do you believe in angels?

I so totally do.

I'm not taking about the blond-haired, winged ones we see in children's books or beautiful drawings, I'm talking about the ones that are there for us when the whole world seems to have forgotten we exist.  Sometimes they come in the form of a beautiful song that takes us away from whatever place we're at in our heads.  Other times they are the frogs that sing in the backyard and serve as a lullaby that helps us drift off to sleep.  Or they can be the sounds of the cardinals and robins that gently rouse us from our sleep and help us to greet a new day.  A writer, through their writing, can also serve as an angel for us when their book speaks to us in a way that reassures us that we're not alone in how we think or feel, or explains something we'd always wondered about ourselves.  Yes, I feel these are truly all angels among us.

There is another type of angel, one that's very close to my heart, that I feel needs mentioning all on its own, and that is the angel that comes in the form of friends.  I know in my heart that I have been sent many such angels in my life and without them I would not have gotten through many of the challenges, big and small, that life has seen fit to send my way.  Some of these beautiful angels have been with me throughout my life; some have come and gone; some are with me every day; some I only see from time to time; some are new and oh so necessary; but all of them have left their footprints on my heart.  One such angel has been hovering over me recently and has reminded me that I matter.  Sometimes we forget that we matter, we start to feel invisible, and it takes an angel such as her to nudge us and remind us that we are, indeed, important.  This angel has done just that and tonight I am feeling incredibly grateful to her for this.  If angels do exist - and I truly believe they do - then she is definitely an angel, of this there can be no question, and I am oh so lucky to have this beautiful angel in my life.   

My wish is that everyone would have the kind of angels I have been blessed with. ♥♥


  1. grinnin' at ya, girl.....
    i happen to know for a fact that you lead the pack in angels! all you do for glad
    i could help you remember how much you matter to all of us......keep on holdin' that! :)

  2. Awwww! Thanks Terri :)))

    Grinnin' right back at ya!!