Friday, June 10, 2011

Not alone

Yesterday I wrote about angels and how truly grateful I am to have my beautiful angels in my life.

Today I want this to serve as a reminder, to me and to anyone reading this, that regardless of whether they are physically present or not, our angels are always with us.  You see, it is not their physical presence but their love that holds us in a tight embrace, and that is always with us.  It is very easy to feel alone, even when we are surrounded by people, but because we are loved (and we all are), we are never, ever alone.  In our deepest, darkest moments it is usually difficult to remember this but when I feel this way I will come back to this place and be reminded that I have angels who love me, and that I matter.  Deep down I must know this because on my good days I truly do believe this; however, when I forget and need to be reminded I will come back to this place and remember my angels. 

Angels too can feel down and so I try to send love to my angels and hope they can feel it from me, too. 



  1. how you doin' with the mattering stuff, woman? hope you're remembering! and if not, just be gentle with yourself.....

  2. Thanks terri! I am both remembering and being gentle with myself. I am keeping you close as you help me remember this!