Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letting go

That seems to be the lesson life is trying to teach me these days.  How important - and imperative - it is to learn to let go.  Most times when I do let go and it's a good thing, it's because it happened by accident, or it was the by-product of something else I did.  Mostly, though, for me letting go is a painful process.

Intellectually I know what I must do...  so why is doing it so difficult?

Funny thing is, it's showing up all over the place, almost as if pushing me to finally learn the lesson, once and for all.

This is the nudge I got from life today:

You have great powers to change yourself.
You have little power to change others.
You struggle because you believe the opposite is true. 

I am learning that it is best to love others for who they are, and trust that what they are going through is necessary for their own personal growth - and not to stand in their way by trying to "fix" things for them.

There is something big that I really must let go of and, although it wouldn't be my choice to do so, I know it's necessary.  So before life decides to teach me a lesson I don't want to learn, I'll start by taking this lesson and making it mine.  I will let go... and see what happens.

Maybe... just maybe... all you can do is love with all you have inside of you.  And maybe that love will heal your wounds (T. St. Cloud)


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