Sunday, November 4, 2012

In my head

How often have you been told, "it's all in your head" ?

Frustrating, isn't it?

Yesterday after a particularly powerful Reiki session performed on me by a very dear friend, I was told that it was while she had had her hands over my head that she felt the most energy - crazy energy, with almost a franticness to it - and I immediately knew why. 

I have been told something along these same lines various times over the last few years by various holistic health practitioners and each time it surprised me and it didn't.  I know I can be very much in my head, thinking too much, over-analyzing stuff, trying to come up with an answer for everything; but I truly thought I'd been able to make the shift to listening more to my feelings and not being "in my head" quite so much.  Guess I'm not quite there yet. 

So what will it take to get out of my head and truly start living from my heart?

Well, for one, I need to trust my intuition more... listen to what my heart knows and not question it with my head.  I've always known that when I do this it ends up being exactly the right thing.  It's when I let the questions and fears in my mind get in the way that things go wrong.  My body and my heart know what it is I need to live, and live well, and my input is not required for that to happen. 

I have a friend who does this... she does not try to live her life, she lets life live her... and this is so beautiful to watch.  I know I have much to learn from her, and I am realizing just how fortunate I am to have had her put in my path at this very time in my life.  It is by watching her that I have discovered some very great truths, and I know that the more I watch, listen and learn, the more I will be able to stop living in my head and start truly living.  And for this I will be forever grateful to her ♥♥♥

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  1. amazing post!!! spoke right in my heart. thank you