Monday, May 21, 2012

So glad to be alive

Every year at this time it hits me... how glad I am to be alive.

On my walk this morning I was so struck by this thought.  It felt like a totally new thought, something that I'd suddenly discovered.  I was sort of tickled by this because I know for a fact that I get this feeling every spring.  But it's nice to feel like each time is the first time :)

This morning the birds were chirping, the breeze was blowing, the new leaves were being caressed oh so gently, and the blossoms in the trees were giving off such a sweet scent.   It really felt like I was in an ocean of goodness.

It seems to me that spring has never smelled so sweet nor has it sounded so lovely.  Or maybe I'm just noticing it more now than ever before.  In trying to be more mindful, I appreciate things that I only seemed to notice in passing before.  The frogs in our backyard, who only sing on coolish nights, the cardinal who seems to have taken up residence in my big maple tree out back, the smell the cedars give off all evening after they've been trimmed, the sheer number of birds that sing in the early morning and at dusk - a veritable concert - all these things never seemed to enter my consciousness before and, if they did, it was just in passing.  This year, however, all of this seems to be amplified.  I seem to be in constant communion with nature when I'm home and it feels so good, so right. 

Today they're calling for 27〫(81〫for those in Fahrenheit) and it looks like we might already be there.  Quite warm for spring, but I'll take it.  Feels like a good day for taking care of me... reading a book in the warm breeze blowing in from outside, sipping lemon water and listening to calm, relaxing music... yes, today I'm definitely glad to be alive ♡♥♡

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