Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If she only knew

She sometimes marvels at how alike we are... if she only knew.

There's so much that goes on underneath, so much that I could say but don't, so much left unsaid.

Feeling vulnerable is not my strong suit; it's something I've actively avoided, all my life.  Yet sometimes I feel that, of all people. she's the one I could share my vulnerability with.  She understands; without my having to say a word, she understands.  She knows things, just like I know things.

As a little girl I could think of nothing better than to be just like her.  I watched her, intently, lovingly, and probably picked up a thing or two from her.  Yes, I know I did - and so does she.

But the ways in which we are most alike cannot be taught or learned, they can only be felt with the heart; and the more we try to point out and describe them, the more we miss the point.  

Being like her in any way is an honour.  She is a person of great strength and determination and, even when she forgets this, it is still visible to the rest of the world.  Her love for those close to her knows no bounds and it has nourished me for most of my life.  She is, and will continue to be, someone I look up to and admire.

Yes, we are alike in so very many ways, and things could be so much better... if she only knew.

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