Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birds, frogs & dragonflies

Try this... sit outside and just be.

It's summertime (at least where I am it is), and I've taken to sitting outside in the evenings and just waiting to see what happens.  Usually I'll bring a book to help me wait for something to occur.  Invariably there will be a robin, a cardinal, some chickadees, or other birds to liven up the night air.  Other times I will hear the frogs calling out to each other in a gentle serenade.  Last night I was amazed by a dragonfly who just spun round & round, back & forth and up & down, probably trolling for insects.  The sound of a jet engine broke through my reading at one point tonight and had me look up just in time to see a cloud that looked like a fire-breathing dragon.  Distant thunder chimed in, ushering in cooler air. 

It's amazing what we can experience when we just sit and watch life happen around us...

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