Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it just me?

 "Isn't it ironic, 
that we ignore the ones who adore us,
adore the ones that ignore us,
love the ones who hurt us, and
hurt the ones that love us?"

I read this quote tonight and thought long and hard about it.  It spoke to something deep inside me and I started to wonder if anyone else identifies with this like I do.  I wish I didn't.  I wish I could tell when someone is not interested in being my friend, accept it, and move on.  Or when someone just doesn't want my help, no matter how much I feel that I can help them; again, I'd like to just be able to accept it and move on, and not inevitably feel hurt or rejected.  

I guess, again, it comes back to one's sense of worthiness.  I guess someone who feels they are worthy of another's attention won't seek the attention of people who ignore them.  I guess if one feels deserving of love, they won't love someone who hurts them, but find the person who will love them back.   

But that's just me guessing... does this resonate with anyone else out there???  I sure hope it's not just me...



  1. Hi Blue Eyes,

    Yes, it is very ironic. It's just that, irony. It is good when we all live by our own maxims. One of mine is "You never hurt the ones you love". I try to apply it whenever I feel I need and it has made my life great.

    You are so sweet I am sure you cannot hurt anyone. Remember is irony. It is just irony..


  2. Hi Álvaro!

    Thank you for that most reassuring comment :)

    I try not to hurt the ones I love, really I do and, like you, I try to live by that. I get what you mean about irony but, doesn't all irony contain some truth? Aaahhh, therein lies the question...