Monday, July 18, 2011

Inexplicably blue

Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up in the morning feeling inexplicably blue.  Or maybe you wake up feeling fine, but as the morning wears on a dark cloud moves in and settles itself over you.  Negative thoughts of all kinds assail you and you wish you could just close your eyes and make the world go away.  Nothing you do or read or eat helps.  It's as if you're caught under some wet blanket, shivering and cold, but can't pull it off no matter how hard you try.  And when finally you put your head down on your pillow at night, you feel so defeated that sleep seems like your only friend.  You drift off to sleep with a heavy heart wondering if this feeling will ever go away.

Then you wake up the next morning feeling totally like yourself once again, almost forgetting the previous day's heaviness.  And as your day progresses, the feelings of the day before become just a distant memory, until you're almost unsure whether it really happened or not.  You stop and reflect on this...  how could two days be so close together but so totally different they feel so far apart?  How is it possible that you could feel so low one day and have almost no memory of it the next? 

Maybe these "difficult days" are meant to teach us something.  Maybe we need to go through them to better appreciate the days when we're feeling good.  Maybe, without our even realizing it, they are making us stronger, more resilient beings, and maybe, just maybe, they are helping us grow into who we need to be.

The next time you find yourself feeling inexplicably blue, try telling yourself that this too shall pass and see what happens; after all, tomorrow is another day and, if the pattern holds, it's usually a brighter one.



  1. Yes, been there A LOT! But, unlike your experience, mine seems to last for longer than a are lucky in that!

  2. Been there as you well know my love. Unfortunately mine can last for weeks....������ Love you. You know who I am because your heart feels it.