Friday, July 1, 2011

Side B

Some people have a way of making me feel so incredibly special.  They have the power to make me feel really good about myself, and that's no small thing.  I think it's because they know who I am deep down inside.  No matter who it is I project to the outside world, these special people see through that - and this is the most incredible part - they actually like what they see!  These dear souls make me feel like I can do anything, because they believe in me and always have.  Just being around them or talking to them makes me feel so good about myself.  Sometimes when they talk about me I feel like who are they seeing?  But deep down I know they're seeing me, the real me, or like one of these special people said to me yesterday, my Side B (I think she meant it in a slightly different way, but this is what it meant for me).  I love that!  To me it so accurately describes that other part of me that only those very special people see; not necessarily because I don't show it to everyone, but because they know me so well they are always attuned to it.

I don't know if any of this will make sense to anyone or not but to me it's so clear; Side B is that part of me that only people in the know can see.  And Side B is the part of me I'm just getting to know... and am starting to love, thanks to these wonderful people who are my mirrors, reflecting back to me this other side that is so clear to them but hidden from me.  

Am I grateful to these oh-so-special people? Heck yeah!!  It is their belief in me that encourages my Side B to shine through... and for me there could be no greater gift ♥♥♥


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