Friday, May 13, 2011


I used to think I'd like to work from home... not having to get up and rush out the door, being able to listen to the birds chirping all day long, looking out over my garden when I needed a break and feeling totally refreshed.  Yeah, that would be lovely.

However, on days like today I realize just how much energy I get from working closely with people.  Today my boss, who I've worked with for the past six years, retired.  I spent the week preparing his farewell presentation, putting together a photo album of memories that the whole department signed, getting everything together, even working in secret with his lovely wife, and it all turned out perfectly.  It was such a rush!  Everyone was so willing to help, so ready with the praise and the kind words, I left today feeling truly grateful that I'd had the opportunity to do this.

And that's when it hit me... I really need the energy I get from working with all those wonderful people.  Of course it's not always positive energy but, for the most part I would say I'm truly fortunate to be working with the incredible group of people who surround me every day.  I will miss my boss, of that there can be no question, but as it has many times in the past, life will definitely put new people in my path and there will be many good times to follow.  And that is something that I am truly in awe of tonight.  Life is good :)

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