Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Why are some days so much more difficult than others?  It's a nice sunny day, the breeze is cool, the sun is warm, no humidity, I'm on vacation... couldn't ask for better.  And yet I'm feeling lost.  I've got a million things that I could be doing, that I should be doing, but none of them appeal to me and I just can't get up the umph to do any of them.  I know I get a lot of energy from people and being home alone probably isn't the smartest thing to be doing today but, again, I just don't have the energy to see anyone.  And it's not physical energy that I'm talking about, it's emotional energy, if that makes sense.

Not going to write too much today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll have something more uplifting to write.

PS - I debated the value of putting this out here and then decided that maybe what I need is just to be "heard."


  1. I hear you! I'm also having a fairly unproductive day... Sorry I didn't call you!

  2. Thanks Avis... and, like I said to you yesterday, don't worry about not calling, just the fact that you "heard" me made all the difference :)))