Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The challenge of relationship

Relationships can be great.

However even the great ones can, at times, be a challenge.

But wait... challenging doesn't have to mean difficult, does it?  It can just mean that, sometimes, a little extra patience and understanding is required.

Unfortunately we have a tendency to want to give up when something that was previously easy all of a sudden becomes a little challenging.

But what if that is when we are given the opportunity to make it grow into something even greater than it already is?  Giving up would mean not only do we lose something that was great, we miss out on the chance to help it blossom into something truly wonderful.

Ok, so no giving up on relationships when they get a little challenging.  Instead, how about remembering what's great about them and giving them the TLC they deserve?  In the end, aren't the people in those relationships worth the effort?  Aren't we?


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