Monday, August 8, 2011

Learning from our trials

Just read Terri's post called it's all in the heart and it got me thinking.

How does one go about consciously trying to learn the lesson from every trial, as we're going through it?  Surely there is a way to not let it consume us but rather to get everything we can out of it as it's happening.  Probably much easier said than done, but I think it might be worth a try.  If we can make a point of trying to see the lesson as it's being handed to us, maybe it would even make the going-through it part easier.  Yeah, concentrate more on trying to see the lesson in the hardship and less on the hardship itself.

So that's the task I've set for myself today.  When something looks bleak or like something I just don't want to be going through, I will ask myself what can I learn from this?  And then wait around to hear the answer.



  1. way to go, woman! yeah, totally easier said than done, but i know we can make progress if we keep tryin'!!! :)

  2. Just exactly what I was writing to you on FB, 30 seconds ago......and look at you......writing about it a year and a half ago!!