Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who you want me to be

I've noticed recently that people have this idea of who I am, and they cling to that idea.


Probably because it's familiar and it's what they're comfortable with.

So when I try something new or start doing things I wouldn't normally do, they resist it.  Sometimes it bothers me; other times, when I can be objective about it, I am amazed at how most people resist change.  What amazes me even more is the fact that they don't want me to change.  I guess, when I really think about it, I can understand the reasoning behind it.  We connect to people by what we know about them and how we know them.  When they begin to change and grow, it can feel as if we're losing our connection to them.  And this can feel quite scary.  However, at least for me, when I see that that person is changing and growing, then I welcome the change.  And if it means that we will no longer fit together, then I have to be happy that they've grown as a person.  I realize that's a hard thing to do, for anyone, but if we love someone then don't we owe them that?

For now, I will try and look with curiosity upon people's need to keep seeing me as I've always been and hope that, in the end, they love me enough to accept me for who I am, no matter what that ends up being.


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